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Inauguration of INTEGRATED CONTROL & COMMAND CENTRE by Sri Anand Singh ,Minsiter of Forest,Ecology and Environment ,Government of Karnataka

To Serve all Industries, Factories and All Pollution related issues Karnataka State Pollution Control Board has Inagurated the Integrated Control & Command Center. To Compalint call below No :


Eco Friendly Ganesh -2020

This year, Karnataka State Pollution Control Board has suggested that we make our own contribution to the environment by making covid resistant statues for the Gauri Ganesh festival Rice, Gomutra, Dung, Neem, Tulsi, etc used in our religious practices have immunity. Ganesha statue is worshiped at home this time with the use of dung and turmeric for immunization . We look for your support & ensure we all drive this awareness & save environment from artificial colors & artificial matetial from dumping into the rivers & water bodies. Watch this Do it Yourself & Celebrate with Eco Friendly Ganesha this here