Emission Data

Industry Registration Data

Industry wanting to install Continuous Emission Monitoring System can send the following data to: tl.kspcb@nic.in

1. Industry/Unit Name.

2. Complete Address.

3. Contact Person for CEMS related issues.

4. A copy of Consent to Operate in PDF format.

5. If available, Make Model, IP Address and MAC address of CEMS sensor.

If all information is available, registration will be completed within a week by KSPCB.


Instrument Supplier Demonstration

It has come to the Boards notice that the Sensor supplier and/or Software Provider are fraudulently under reporting the Emission data of the industry to stay within the prescribed emission limits. Board has also noticed that the instrument suppliers are showing the data on local computer, which is a noncompliance, instead of sending the data to CPCB or KSPCB servers. To mitigate these problems the Sensor supplier should demonstrate to KSPCB that they are End-to-end capabile of data transmission from the Sensor to KSPCB servers without any intermediate Device/Computer. Please submit the below details:

1. Self Certificate for no fraudulent reporting

2. Copy of USEPA TUV or MCERTS Certificate

3. Demonstration of End-to-end capabilities showing data transmission from device to KSPCB server.

If the Board find the data transmitted is tampered, such Sensor/Software provider will be blocked until remedial procedures are put in place.

Any clarifications should be addressed to tl.kspcb@nic.in or IT Consultant, KSPCB.

Self Certificate

Continous Emission Monitoring System

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For any online monitoring queries please contact:Email: tl.kspcb@nic.in

IT Consultant
5th Floor
Karnataka State Pollution Control Board
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Church Street, Bangalore-560001.

Ph No: 080-25581383 / 25589112 / 25589113 / 25586520