Municipal Solid Waste Management

cm-icon Submission of Final Guidelines for disposal of MSW LEGACY WASTE.
cm-iconDraft Guidelines on Usage of Refuse Derived Fuel in Various Industries .
cm-iconGuidelines for Management of Sanitary Waste.
cm-iconManufacturers or Brand owners of disposable products and sanitary napkins and diapers.
cm-iconUsage of refused derived fuel by the industries.
cm-icon Construction and Demolition Waste Management Rules,2016.
cm-icon Annual Report for the Year 2016-17.
Annual Report for the Year 2015-16.
cm-iconKSPCB Authorised Agencies Under the Provisions of the Solid Waste Management Rules,2016.
cm-iconNotification on Burning of Solid Wastes including twings dry leaves & other wastes in open places.
Implementation of Municipal Solid Waste (Management an Handling) Rules 2000
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