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: Consent Management :


Any person who is likely to establish or take any steps to establish any Industrial Plant or process or any treatment and disposal system or any extension or addition which is likely to discharge sewage or trade effluent into any stream or well or sewer or on land has to obtain prior consent of the Board under Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974.  Similarly any person who is likely to establish or operate any industrial plant in any air pollution control area (Entire Karnataka has been declared as air pollution control area) is required to obtain prior consent under Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981 to make discharge of emission of any air pollutant.

Two types of consents are issued. Consent for establishment (CFE) has to be obtained prior to establishment of an industry, operation or a process. Consent for operation (CFO) has to be obtained prior to commissioning of an industry and for continuation of discharge of emission
and effluents or for expansion and modernization of existing Industry.

Industries and activities are classified based on the
Capital investment  and pollution potential as  Large, Medium & Small  and     Red :  Highly polluting units;   Orange : Moderately polluting;    Green :  Less Polluting.

The forms to be used for applying for CFE/ CFO are given in
Table. 1 which also indicate the time within which the applications are cleared. The application form should accompany fee as prescribed in Consent fee structure. The consents are granted for the periods as indicated in Table.2. The filled up application forms along with the consent fee in respect of Bangalore based 11 Regional Offices can be filed at the Helpdesk located at Ground Floor, KSPCB, #49, "Parisara Bhavana", Church Street, Bangalore-01. The filled up applications in respect of Industries situated outside Bangalore Urban & Bangalore Rural Districts to be filed at the Jurisdictional Regional Offices.

Consents are issued at the
Regional offices of KSPCB  or at  Head office based on the Delegation of Powers.  For consent management,  consent committees have been formed at the Head office as well as at the Regional offices. At the head office, two committees namely State level Consent committee (Consent for Establishment & Expansion)  and State level Consent committee (Consent for operation & authorization) will decide on issue/refusal of consents. The recent Consent committee proceedings can be viewed in Table.3

List of consents issued  

CFE & CFExpansions/CFO issued from HO